Why InfiCreation House container house construction is priced higher?
Along with all the guaranteed (quoted) prices being a bit greater, INFICREATION HOUSE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD offers more in terms of the degree of service or the product features. We wish to provide you with the very best service and benefits from the industry. Our rates aren't set in stone. In case you have a pricing requirement or a desired price point, we'll work with you to meet those pricing requirements.

When it comes to high-end storage container homes, InfiCreation Houseis arguably the best on the market. The storage container homes series is one of the main products of InfiCreation House. Driven by consumers' needs, the inimitable InfiCreation container house construction is produced thanks to exclusive raw ingredients and technologies that are unique in the beauty makeup industry. The product is energy efficient as its materials can be recycled. The product features great stacking flexibility. Its overhead track system – specific aluminum alloy rails to flexibly meet the necessary stacking requirements. The product is able to go through extremely dangerous weather such as heavy rains.

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