toronto buying four prefabricated structures as demand for emergency shelters surges

by:InfiCreation     2020-03-03
The city is buying four \"highly complex\" temporary buildings, as demand for emergency shelters and 24/7 temporary sites remains high even after winter temperatures drop.
The cost of the four prefabricated structures manufactured by Canada Sprung Instant Limited is $2.
Each 5 million does not include operating costs.
They are intended as temporary places where anyone who suddenly needs accommodation can rest, enjoy food, shower and support services.
\"We are currently working to ensure proper vacant city properties that will be used for these buildings,\" said Paul Raftis, general manager of the housing, support and housing authority, who told reporters on Wednesday.
Each building is expected to accommodate 100 people, with an average cost of about $100 per person per day.
Two of the four locations are planned to open as early as August to replace the two cities-
Run at 24/7 Breather locations in Don Mills chivitan arena and Langton arena.
Raftis says the city is looking for sites in the center of the city and in the east and west of the core area.
No decision has been made about the location, but Raftis said they are considering solid and level sites like parking lots and not parks.
Temporary services in the winter, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, usually ending on April 15 with warmer temperatures, however, due to the high utilization rate of the city\'s emergency housing system, and there was a clear need for more places to go, and the Council instructed the staff to continue to provide breathing space.
The city says these spring structures have been used as temporary housing, emergency shelters, water centers and classrooms in North America and can be re-used as temporary premises when not needed.
The guest rooms are equipped with toilets, shower facilities, laundry facilities, HVAC systems, etc. , which can realize temperature control.
They can also access.
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Ins, the warm center advocates \"easing\" through conditions when the emergency Falls\"
The city has been working to implement permanent standards for all temporary premises, or rules on cleaning, the type of beds and the amount of space people need.
During the winter, health care providers and activists visited multiple locations, recorded crowded situations and spoke to people who reported that they felt unsafe, or were concerned about theft and verbal and physical violence, there is not enough shower and toilet.
City staff have strengthened inspections of these locations during the winter months, and have promised that temporary standards will also be developed before a complete plan is developed.
According to the latest statistics, 433 people live in the existing 8 temporary camps, and 115 women seek refuge in 24/7 --
The only drop of a woman-ins. One drop-
On the website, women lined up to sleep on about a dozen recliner chairs, and the rest of the chairs could find cushions or free space on the floor.
\"This place should not exist.
These women should have a suitable place of residence, \"Patricia O\'Connell, executive director of the agency, talked to star last year about better service for vulnerable groups.
\"The only thing you can say is that it\'s better than a woman sleeping on a fireplace or in a park.
\"The number of permanent emergency shelters in the city has continued to climb since January, from an average of 5,663 in January to 6,630.
New buildings are not designed to help address the current challenges of urban housing refugees who are increasingly coming here from Quebec, Raftis said.
The city provides shelter for families, and the motel space is full, currently offering summer accommodation for refugees in Centennial and Humber university dormitories.
The spaces are filling up, says Raftis.
He said that the centennial is full and Humber is full for a quarter.
\"We really need to work with the provinces and federal governments to achieve this regional strategy,\" he said . \".
He admitted it was longer.
The long-term solution is to address the lack of affordable housing in cities.
Earlier this month, the federal government pledged $50 million, including $11 million in Ontario, to help refugees.
Mayor John Tolli earlier asked for help, noting that the cost of the city would be $64.
At the end of 5 million.
He called the federal commitment a \"start\" for the federal government to fulfill its responsibility to the city \".
\"Cathy Crowe, a street nurse, has been working to find a better solution to the housing crisis and advocates raising standards when dropping out of school
Ins and the temporary break Center visited a similar building used by a private school in Toronto as a gym.
She called it \"impressive \".
\"It\'s like the mode of disaster that the city is entering, and they just don\'t call it that way,\" Crowe said . \".
\"They must do so for sure.
The city is creative, she said, but there must be continued calls for relief from the provincial and federal governments.
Temporary housing measures 150 feet by 60 feet per spring structure (46 by 18 m)
, With aluminum frame and \"high-
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