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Want to know more about prefabricated houses? NEW YORK (CNN/Money)-
For those interested in learning more about prefabricated houses, an industry group provides the following information: what exactly is a prefabricated house?
Prefab is a very loose term.
In general, the prefabrication describes everything from a house built entirely in the factory to a panel House assembled on the site of the house.
It is worth noting that some of the prefabricated houses in our gallery are just prototypes of houses that can be copied using prefabrication technology.
Most of these prefabricated houses are not popular in the United States.
What is the difference between a man-made house and a mobile house?
Houses manufactured are built entirely in a controlled factory environment and are built in accordance with federal-made house construction and safety standards (
Called HUD code).
\"Mobile Home\" is the term used by the factory
Building houses produced before the introduction of the HUD code.
How are the industrial houses sold here?
Most are sold through retail centres, many of which are owned and operated independently.
Other owned and operated by the manufacturer.
In some states, you can also buy from the owner or developer of the artificial housing community.
Where can I put such a house?
Many cities and towns still rely on outdated ideas and stereotypes about \"mobile houses,\" and their zoning regulations limit where you can place artificial houses.
The urban and suburban governments recognize that there is little difference between today\'s artificial houses and the scene --
Build houses and allow them to be placed in their communities.
Be sure to check the zoning rules for the area you want to live in.
The same rules applicable to manufacturing houses do not apply to modular or panel houses.
Will the value of artificial houses appreciate?
When properly installed and maintained, today\'s man-made houses will be as popular as the surrounding groundsbuilt homes.
Is financing the same?
If you buy the house with the land, or plan to put the house on the land you already own, some financial institutions offer traditional real estate mortgages with similar interest rates.
If you buy the house separately from the land it will be located on, the House may be financed as a home loan made by personal property, usually with a slightly higher interest rate.
Are the houses made more vulnerable to tornadoes or hurricanes?
While many people like to joke about \"moving houses attract tornadoes\", there is no meteorological or scientific basis for the theory.
In fact, the explanation for reports of tornado damage to man-made houses is very simple: man-made houses are mainly distributed in rural and suburban areas where tornadoes are most likely to occur.
In areas prone to hurricane attacks
Mandatory wind, the standard for building houses is equivalent to or more stringent than current regional and national site building codes
Houses have been built in these windy areas.
Source: frequently asked questions from the Institute of Manufacturing houses, including edits and additions from CNN/Money.
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