small prefab homes: ‘the best-kept secret in america’?

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Little tautton presmere-
What will you get with the same hot trend of prefabricated houses?
Small prefabricated houses, the equivalent of a miniature snow Nari tied with a bow on Christmas Day: very cute and demanding.
Or, Sheri koones\'s new book, the mythic Little House, thinks so that it explores the beauty, diversity and benefits of the Little House
Prefabricated construction in all its glory scale.
Koones, who is also the author of the modular building and the mythical world, thinks that these prefabricated houses may be small, but they are very beautiful
Built, you can\'t tell the difference between them and the so-called \"better\" houses built --site.
Robert Redford wrote the preface, and he was also a fan: \"The building is smaller and there are prefabricated houses --
In the process, use less time, less material, and use both materials more efficiently
It is the wisest recipe for family building now and in the future.
\"We discussed with Koones what we could take from these inconspicuous but amazing residences.
Q: What is the biggest misconception about small prefabricated houses?
A: It is important for people to understand that today\'s prefabricated houses are almost no different from the site --built houses.
Real estate agent®Not even the house.
They\'re selling.
It\'s prefabricated.
I interviewed someone who bought a premade paneled house and he didn\'t understand why I was interviewing him.
I explained, \"Your house is discussed in groups,\" he said, \"No, no, my house is a very expensive luxury house.
I said, \"Yes, it is,\" and it is panel, which means it is premade.
Kevin Walsh photography: What do you think is the \"Little House?
Is it the same as \"small house?
A: The smallest house I mentioned in the book is 352 square feet.
I distinguish it from the \"Little House\" because the house I wrote is connected to the grid and it has the foundation, septic system, plumbing power, etc.
It fits all the local code.
The biggest house I live in is 2,500 square feet and I think it is small because it is one of the smaller houses in Santa Monica.
This is relative to this area.
Q: What are some of the basic elements of small prefabricated houses?
A: In all these houses, space is used in an intelligent way.
Many rooms are versatile.
There is no big corridor, no space to waste.
All of this was built in less time than the site
The house to be built requires, and is sustainable, with low maintenance costs.
These are elements that everyone seems to be looking for at home these days.
Rob Yagid, courtesy FineQ: is a small prefabricated house cheaper than a house on top of the buildingsite?
Yes, if they are small.
But the price per square foot is usually the same.
But you save in other ways.
Since small prefabricated houses take much less time to build, construction costs are reduced.
Less material is wasted. Building on-
Website, you pay for wood, drywall, pipes, etc.
And the garbage bin where you have to pay the rent.
When your house is built in a factory, all you need to do is pay for what you get and the excess will be recycled.
Q: Is the prefabricated house really as solid as the site? built homes? A: Yes!
A contractor describes this: you can never upgrade a site.
Built home with Crane, put on Foundation
It will fall apart.
But a prefabricated house is built strong so it can travel along the highway and it can be hung up with a crane and placed on the foundation.
Provided by GO LogicQ: if the small prefabricated houses are so large, why are all houses not built like this?
A: prefabrication is the best
It\'s confidential in the United States.
Most people don\'t even consider prefabricated houses.
They turn to the scene automatically.
Because this has always been the practice.
But anyone doing research will make prefabricated bodies.
This is a superior way of building.
Dale lank: what kind of home do you live in?
A: I used to live at 6,800-square-
The foot house I built-
Twenty years ago, when my child was still very young, I knew the horror of the building. site.
Just recently I sold the house and now I live in a small house and part of the house is prefabricated. I prefer it.
It is comfortable and works less.
I like the lack of maintenance and saving.
I paid thousands of electricity bills and my bill was $170 last month.
Trent BellQ: What is the biggest challenge of moving into a small prefabricated house?
The most difficult part is to streamline your property.
I didn\'t realize I had so many \"things.
\"I have a label sale.
I donated a lot to charity and sold furniture at auction houses.
Now I have one.
My eighth thing before.
It\'s really exciting to get rid of all this extra stuff.
Post small prefabricated house: \"Best-
Keeping secrets in America?
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