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PANAJI: National Institute of Technology (NIT)
The federal Department of Human Resources Development has requested Goa (MHRD)
The department will use prefabricated structures to expand the current infrastructure, which can be transferred once NIT has access to the land of the new campus.
HR development has approved the establishment of Rs 15 for these structures.
Goa has written to the state government requesting an area of 20,000 square meters within the Goa Engineering Academy complex in Farmagudi.
Professor Udaykumar R Yaragatti will build a research and laboratory complex and a male and female student dormitory block using prefabricated structures, as well as a student public dining area, NIT Goa, acting director, said.
The state government has acquired land at Balli in kukolim, and in order to establish a permanent campus for Goa, the human resources department said that investment in prefabricated structures would be useful because it is moving to a permanent campus.
\"Building these facilities is much faster, and if the Goa government agrees to provide the required land, the planned structure will be ready within six months.
At present, our classrooms are scattered.
The lecture center will provide students with spacious classrooms in one location.
The research center will be three.
\"Multi-storey buildings in 2000,\" said Yaragetti . \".
It is expected that the research center and laboratory will contribute to the work of 36 doctoral students currently studying in Goa.
Yaragetti said the institute received funding worth Rs 10 from different funding agencies including MHRD and the Ministry of Science and technology for research.
With more than 450 BTech, MTech and PhD students, NIT Goa found the space available on the temporary campus.
Yaragatti said that in order to improve the facilities from the upcoming academic conference, repair works have been carried out to prevent leakage in the current building. Also, air-
Air conditioning and stationery are available.
\"We also hired a 51.
\"The seating bus will travel four times a day from Ponda to NIT campus, making it easier for students to travel,\" Yaragetti said . \".
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