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InfiCreation economical prefab villa custom for accommodation

InfiCreation economical prefab villa custom for accommodation

InfiCreation economical prefab villa custom for accommodation

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Place of Origin
Fujian, China (Mainland)
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PVC Panel;Sandwich Panel
Supply Ability
12000 Square Meters Per Month
Packaging Details
8 units (20ft) per 40HQ container
Lead Time
7-45 work days after get the down payment (Depends on the quantity)
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Product Information of InfiCreation economical prefab villa custom for accommodation
Enterprise Strength
  • InfiCreation Prefab House owns high-quality products and practical marketing strategies. Besides, we also provide sincere and excellent services and create brilliance with our customers.
Company Advantages
1. The production of InfiCreation modular house covers a series of processes. It mainly includes the inspection of the slab, template layout, cutting, polishing, and hand finishing.
2. The product has a smooth surface. The wood materials used are specially polished based on selected materials and complicated workmanship.
3. The product has the advantage of energy saving. Its inner driving components are designed to operate under low power mode.
4. The product is highly competitive and cost competitive and will surely become one of the best-selling products on the market.
5. This product has been warmly welcomed and widely used by customers around the world for its superiority and high economic efficiency.

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Luxury Light Steel  Prefab  Villa Garden House 2 Bedroom

Product Attributes

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Column: H150x75        Roof truss: 80 C steel    Floor Beam:2X63 Setction steel
      Floor Purline: 80*40mm steel tube         Roof Purline: 100*50 steel tube

Wall panel

 50mm EPS sandwich panel, 0.326mm color steel stheet both sides, density: 12kg/m3

Roof panel

50mm EPS corrugated sandwich panel, 0.326mm color steel stheet both sides, density: 12kg/m3


Fiber cement board for the house and Wood- Plastic Composites board for veranda


 sandwich panel door, 50mm thickness


UPVC window with accessory

Product Display

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Installation Process

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Company Information

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Our Certificate

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Packaging & Shipping

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Contact Us
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Company Features
1. As a well-known multi-national corporation, INFICREATION HOUSE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD has world-wide sales network and manufacturing base.
2. We have a professional design team. They put a lot of effort into planning, purchasing the right materials, sampling, and making drawings that fit our customer's needs.
3. With a great ambition, InfiCreation determines to be a leading prefab villa manufacturer. Welcome to visit our factory! INFICREATION HOUSE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is able to meet various geographical markets. Welcome to visit our factory!
Very low in the scent. They might be old
Great product, very diverse applications. Seems to be of good quality.
So far so good - will see how it works over a longer period
You get plenty for your money and fast delivery.
Very weak cedar smell. Was gone after a few days.
Not as aromatic as I had hoped, but they do their job well enough.
This has modular plugs for connecting to the modular track on one side or both, but just a pigtail for making the wiring connections inside this box. That means a minimum of six connections (three power, two neutral, and ground) between either two wires (if one sided) or three for each. With the length of wire provided in the pigtails, there is just barely enough room for the one-sided connection, I don't think I could have done it if using both sides. Given how modular everything else in this system is, it would be much easier to wire if they'd provide screw connections for each of the circuits, as if this were itself a fixture or outlet.
good deal
work like they should
Loved it. This turned out great in our kitchen. We had a brick wall that I did not want to muddy up with electrical raceways. I am a electrical contractor so I installed this myself in our kitchen. The first one I installed was a little tough but the second one went smooth. The junction box could be a little bigger if you wanted to do a 3 way system with the lights trying to pack all those wires in there. When installing the hub base do not mount the base tight to the adjacent cabinet or wall if you're butting up against one. Leave a 1/16" or 1/8" off so the cover goes on. I did not purchase off here - got from my local electrical supplier.
So this detector is what "could have" saved our lives today had we not of gotten out of the house when we did (thanks to mommy's gut instinct). Our brand new house was struck by lightning early early this morning and the current traveled through our electrical system and out the plug behind the oven. The spark created a fire which destroyed our kitchen but thanks to the clap of thunder we were awake to check on the kids anyways and instantly smelled the fire and got out within minutes of the strike. The fire chief said that when they had got there, the only detector that was going off was this one. Moments later the smoke detectors (that also have the built in carbon monoxide detectors) went off about 10 min later. Carbon monoxide is a heavy gas and you need a floor level detector that will catch the gas. By the time it reaches the ceiling detectors, it's too late. According to the fire chief, this detector is what would've saved our lives. (And I have to admit, I was nervous since this is such a cheaply priced detector, but after today's experience, I'm buying these for everyone I know!)
I bought 3 of these, one for each floor in our home. One of them was damaged right out of the package - the connection for the battery was bent. The battery placement is the worst part about these. It takes a 9v battery and if you have big fingers, good luck squeezing your fingers into the back to get the battery to snap into place. As I said, one of the 3 was damaged right out of the package, so the battery wouldn't go into that one at all. The batteries went in to the other 2 but it is not easy and it is very awkward. They need to make it so that the connection pulls out of the unit, like most 9v battery operated items. This is a very poor design. And you have to have the batteries in it, or else the unit will beep at you until you put a battery in. That's fine, but they really need to make the battery easier to install.
I'm a nurse but importantly a fireman explained the importance of buying carbon monoxide detectors. States to have one in every area or floor of the home. Look into how long these are to be used and how often to be changed. I did not realize how important it is to have one at the camper and every floor of the home. I got the plug-in version so I do not have to locate batteries constantly. So far, so safe. Why not be safe for your family? Do your own research on the importance of having these in the home and read the reviews on the correct one to purchase. I chose these in the 3 pack.
It says.. the battery is only for backup.. but then if you don't plug it in, it beeps every min. That says so in the beginning of the instruction, but at the end, it says it will show warning if it beeps, it means battery is getting weak. So is it for back up or what? So far, i have no idea if this product works. All I know I need to plug the 9 volt battery in, or you get loud beep every min.
I bought 2 of these for the bedrooms to add to the already carbon monoxide detector in the hallway we already have. At first I was a bit concerned these might be old units due to the low price, but both have manufacture dates of Sept. 2018, thus these will be good for 7 years. These units plug directly into the wall and come with a 9v battery for backup. If you plug the unit into the lower plug, you can still use the top plug without a problem. Installation is super easy. You put the 9v battery in and then plug it into the wall. Hold the test button down and wait for the beeps. We now have some added comfort for the upcoming winter season knowing we'll be safe from carbon monoxide.
I got 6 years out of my old Plug-In Carbon Monoxide Detector and it finally started sounding the 5 beep, "it's time to get a new one" alarm, but sadly, that was at 3am. After we read on the back what the 5 beeps meant, we were at least happy to know there was no danger in the house. First Alert makes quality products so I hope these three will last me a good long while. I have two up stairs and one in the garage.
Product arrived well packaged and on time. We don’t have much that uses gas in the home but I’ve always known a CO detector was a wise choice to own. The price was right for this unit and was easy to install. The battery door is a tad tricky but manageable. I plugged in and tested and haven’t had any alarms. For the peace of mind they offer they’re worth purchasing.
I ordered this product 2x and while my first order was either never delivered, delivered to the wrong address and or stolen I must say a huge thank you to Amazon customer service for being amazing with resolving the issue. Honestly this could not be easier to install..simply take out of packaging, install battery and plug in. I love it. Initially I placed the battery in and closed the unit then plugged it into an outlet in the kitchen it began to beep every few seconds I thought it was reading CO. I then took a quick look at the instructions which pointed out placing the battery in the unit and closing properly, it was an easy fix. I will purchase again for my mom and aunt. Thank you.
One of the four has already quit working and just constantly beeps like the battery is low. We have tried replacing batteries but doesn’t help. The other 3 seem to be ok. They also glow red all of the time which to me is odd. They should light up green if they are working like the other ones in my house do.
I'm not dead yet; either it's working or I don't have a gas leak. Figure the optimistic thing to do is leave a glowing review.
I bought two of these carbon monoxide detectors, and I am about to buy a third one. When it comes to keeping your family and home safe and secure, you want a dependable, durable alarm, and this qualifies. Make sure you buy a detector for each level of your home. Some people also put one in each bedroom. This detector is sturdy, the test function works well, and since it plugs into the wall there are no batteries to change twice a year. I highly recommend this detector.
We regularly purchase First Alert products and find them both reliable, easy to install and use and reasonably priced. This is no exception. This one has a seven year life and lets you know when it is time to replace. Its predecessor lasted seven years and let us know when to replace, as did the one before that and before that. Looking for a reliable, easy to use carbon monoxide detector? This is it. Hands down.
We moved into a new apartment a few months ago with a gas furnace. The alarm went off in the middle of the night while the heater was on. The gas company confirmed there was a blockage in the building ventiliation system that was kicking exhaust back into our apartment. Thankfully this alarm caught before something dangerous happen. Whether you get this alarm or another, it's absolutely worth every penny to protect yourself even if it seems unlikely. We recently bought a fire ladder for the same reason.
At my age 80, the local fire department changes out my fire alarm batteries once a year. They recommended that I get one. I got it in two days, put in the battery which is used for power outages, and plugged it into a wall plug, works fine. Hard to say it has saved my life or anything so dramatic but could happen.
Good product but it doesn't have a pivot plug, so it won't fit nicely into all outlets. This is best used in a plug that is at least 4 inches off the ground. It won't fit with plugs in baseboards.
Bought this as a "just in case" because I recently moved into a pretty lackluster place where the landlord wasn't really keen on building maintenance. Buy 1, buy 2! Give them to your friends and family. Carbon monoxide can wreck your health with small prolonged amounts or kill you outright in larger quantities. Don't risk it. You can't smell or see the gas. So get these and hope you never need them.
Simple to use - you just put in the battery and plug it in. It even comes with a battery to start. It appears to work well. Wish it had a digital display, but good value for the price.
So easy to use! I had to put a few carbon monoxide alarms in a house I was selling to meet the state requirements. These items are so easy to use it's ridiculous! I think I spent more time deciding where to put them than anything. They just stay plugged in to work, and you can test it right on the button on the front so you know it's working. Great product!
It's pretty hard to give an accurate review unless you're one of the few whose lives have been saved by the alarm. (Or, I suppose, a relative might give it one star if... nah, that's way too morbid.) It's compact, it seems to work, and First Alert devices have served me well in the past. Don't cheap out on these things. Get the plug-in with battery backup... and check the battery once in a while.
I haven't had need for this sensor yet, with no leakage in my home, but I really like how it just plugs into a wall socket for installation. Super simple, and the unit, while not pretty, looks good enough that I don't dislike it... which is kind of all I can ask apart from alerting me if I have a leak :)
Battery money can become exorbitant for a battery only unit. Love i can plug this in at a spot I'm not using and no worries. Electricity used has to be less than the battery operated kind, though I have not tested that theory! lol
I wanted a battery free Co2 detector (isn't that the point of getting a plug in??). This one will chirp incessantly while it is plugged into the wall until you put a battery in it. It came with an initial battery (hiding at the bottom of the package), but I don't want to replace it. That's why I wanted a plug in. It's extremely annoying.
Will be ordering more. Easy Installation. Test tone is very loud. The unit I received was manufactured March 2019. Even though my apartment has smoke detectors I have to install this as one can never be too cautious when it comes to safety.
My last Carbon Monoxide Detector broke so I bought these to replace them. I like that they are plug in with a battery back up. I installed two of these one in the laundry room because of the gas dryer and one upstairs for safe measure. Directions are easy to read.
recently I've purchased First Alert Smoke Detectors (battery and AC/battery backup models) and now this CO detector (model CO605). This unit even came with a 9-volt battery. It was a great bargain on Amazon too! If I need any other detectors and First Alert has a model that will fit my needs, I won't hesitate to buy one.
This item is such a mind settling! I kept talking about getting one so I am glad I got this one! I love the plug in! When I plugged it up without the battery it let me know so I put it in and it is working smooth!
This carbon monoxide detector is very easy to install and use. The best part, however, is that the clam shell package came with a perforated back panel that was easy to open. Finally, easy open clam shell packaging!
Pretty sure this is my first Amazon review after a million purchases, but I have to share: I bought three of these alarms after a close friend's young husband died of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning in their home. In our small house, I placed one alarm by the garage entry door in our home, my daughters room on the wall that is shared with the garage, and one in the hallway with the bedrooms. Tonight the alarm by the garage entry door went off, shortly followed by the alarm in my daughters room... tonight we had grilled out and although we let the charcoal grill cool before putting it away in the garage, it still emitted enough gas to seep into the house and trigger the alarms. I believe these alarms saved our lives.
It's been very easy to operate and activate so far. Read the instructions before you install. When initial test is done, 4 beeps, pause, 4 beeps will sound. This is NOT indicative of alarm. The red light stays on when powered on. Small and simple to operate.
We have a toyostove heater for our cabin home, which was turned on all winter (in Alaska) and the carbon monoxide dector never went off...we're still I think its worked pretty well!
I think it works great but it's hard to really know. I mean, it hasn't gone off yet but I have not died of Carbon Monoxide poisoning either. Does that mean it works? :-)
I needed to replace my smoke detectors, which I have 19 in my home! The last thing I wanted to do was invest in combo smoke detector/CO2. These little babies plug right into the wall and do exactly what they’re supposed to do. Very please with my price and product.
It’s a law I’m out state that we have to have a CO detector in house. Our old one finally gave out so this is a replacement. First Alert has a good reputation and I hope we never have to rely on the unit - but we have it installed just in case. (And to comply to the laws!)
Easy to set up, and love that it has a battery backup but runs from the wall outlet. Our old one went bad after many years so it was time to get a new one. Good price and peace of mind!
As with all reviews, you have to base them on the idiot curve. That said, these work as advertised and per the package instructions.
I just got this product and if it was easier to open the package, open the battery compartment and insert the battery I might have rated it higher.
I just moved to a new apartment. There was no carbon monoxide detector. I was so scared to sleep. Ordered this, came in just 2 days and now I can finally sleep in peace?
You need a CO detector and this one is great for the price. It plugs into a wall socket. Be ready for it to beep at you angrily while you're setting it up.
I really can't tell if it works as I haven't experienced carbon monoxide leak in our house though I tested it based from its recommendation and it works fine so I'm giving it 5 stars. I hope it really works though in real life situation.
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