How to operate portable container house ?
Follow the directions when working the portable container house . Should you need assistance, call us to the technical advice you require for maintenance and operation. We can supply you with product performance support via an extensive service package to make certain you receive the anticipated return on your investment. Through an in-depth comprehension of the design and operating parameters supplied, we're convinced you will correctly install portable container house below our advice.

Except exquisite prefab container for Philippines, INFICREATION HOUSE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is also highly recommended by customers for its exquisite service. The prefab warehouse series is one of the main products of InfiCreation House. Easy cleaning and maintaining are this product's features. It has a smooth and soft surface with no porous or splicing trace, which prevents it from accumulating dust and dirt. Its neutral aesthetics is able to blend with almost any building type. In a couple of years, the product has spread out and won a high degree of recognition and reputation among overseas customers. Thanks to its modular design, the product is easy to install.

Among all same type of companies, InfiCreation House provides best service for our customers. Inquire online!
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