How to go through the mining accommodation customization?
Just let INFICREATION HOUSE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD know your requirement. Because of our experience, we will take you through the entire process, from cost volume analysis through to design, tooling and manufacturing. Choose from an array of factors to create the perfect mining accommodation or solution based on your requirements. We have years of experience creating classy product designs that will help to set your brand apart.

With the economic developing, InfiCreation House also keeps being innovative in the market. The pre built homes series is one of the main products of InfiCreation House. The product is acoustically insulated. There is a double layer construction applied in the seal area in order to ensure maximum sound insulation. The product is able to go through extremely dangerous weather such as heavy rains. Over the years, the product continues to upgrade and get the praise of the majority of users. The product has been widely exported to Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa.

InfiCreation House wants to serve our customers better and better and meet most of their requirements. Contact us!
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