city unveils winter plan including prefabricated structures to house homeless during cold weather

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The head of the housing and housing support department in Toronto said he was \"very confident\" that his department had taken steps, avoid repeating the \"challenges\" faced last winter in finding housing for homeless people in cold weather
On Friday, the city launched 2018-
Winter plans for homeless people.
The plan calls for the construction of three new prefabricated structures.
There is a fourth option if demand is guaranteed
Pets can be accommodated for single adults or couples.
The portable \"spring\" structure, manufactured by a Canadian company, will be dispersed in the east, west and central parts of the city.
First, sit in the Green P parking lot behind King Street Ramport StadiumW.
Close to Dafen Street. will open Dec. 15.
The other two, one on the green field of the Holy fleet.
Near Strachan Ave.
Another is on an undeveloped property on Lakeshore Avenue. E.
Peace meeting
It will launch on January. 31.
The city says the openings are staggered because these structures have metal skeletons, fabric coverings and thick core insulation, and it takes about 10 to 12 weeks for each structure to be erected. The King St.
And Lakeshore Avenue.
The building has the capacity to accommodate every 100 people, while the building on the fleet has the capacity to accommodate 80 people.
The Lamport site will remain open for 12 months of the year, while other sites will remain open as needed, Paul Raftis, general manager of the city\'s housing, support and housing authority, told reporters at a press conference at the City Hall on Friday.
It costs $2 for all three.
There are 5 million rooms with shower and laundry facilities.
In addition, the city is opening a temporary 24-
Starting in November, there are as many as 200 attractions at the exhibition site of Queen Elizabeth building.
With the launch of the three prefabricated structures, this will be phased out by the end of January.
Overall, there will be 11
Day Break Center-
Eight of the regular buildings
This will be run in winter by different social service agencies, starting four years ago with a temporary center.
Changes this year will result in a total of about 600 breathing spaces this winter, up from the previous 455, and the city is budgeted $3 million to operate winter enhancements, includes staffing, food, safety and the cost of operating these buildings.
When an extreme cold weather alarm is triggered, the city will continue to use its Metro Hall facility as a heating Center
When the temperature drops-15 C or -
Cold 20 ℃.
It happened 31 days last winter.
Read more: Four prefabricated structures were purchased in Toronto because of the need for emergency shelters, and the shortage of adjudicators hit the board of landlords and tenants who called for better service in shelters
Some community centers and Moss Park museums were forced into use as shelters.
The city says this is not necessary this year.
A demonstration report by the city\'s ombudsman slammed the temporary services in the winter and found that the staff provided inaccurate information about the capacity of better living centers in exhibition venues at least twice.
\"This is the only reasonable inference that they (staff)
In her report, Inspector Susan Opler wrote: \"In more cases, this misinformation is not just what we are investigating . \".
The report also found that the staff of the Toronto intake call center and the 311 information line were out of date with detailed information about the temporary location address and its capacity.
Raftis told reporters on Friday that the findings from Opler\'s report tell the city about the improvements being made.
In addition to adding 102 new beds to the city\'s permanent housing system by the end of this year (
The city has 7,000 beds in 63 city shelters).
Raftis told reporters that the city has invested in the central admissions recommendation service, and more staff have answered public calls.
There will be better technology to manage answering calls and new workspace to help improve the efficiency of the call center.
These changes include the creation of a duty officer role responsible for marking problems that arise and working with the central revenue department to ensure a smooth transition for homeless customers entering the system.
\"We have improved the operational reliability and system oversight of the entire housing system in response to any unexpected events that may arise,\" said Raftis . \".
He went on to say that he believes these changes will avoid what happened last winter, \"but we cannot predict demand.
Therefore, we may receive more people seeking housing services in the city, and we will respond to this demand.
Kira Heineck, executive director of the Toronto League to end homelessness (TAEH)
The changes, he said, show that the city is doing \"very well\" in preparing for the winter \".
\"We know there will be people who need emergency shelters and assistance, and we need to build a strong system.
The improvements they have made are important and correct.
\"I can\'t criticize this,\" says hinek . \".
However, her team is working to reduce and end the phenomenon of long-term homelessness, so, a few years later, she said: \"We want to reduce beds and services in a housing plan, instead of adding beds and services. \".
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