beyond trailer parks: prefab homes

by:InfiCreation     2020-02-28
Prefabricated houses have suffered a bad reputation in the past few decades and are now making a comeback.
In an era where people are spending less, paying more attention to ecology and trying to save money, a prefabricated house could be a good solution.
Prefabricated houses first appeared in about 1908 of the American landscape, when Sears, Roebuck and Co.
Start sales kithomes.
Auto workers in Michigan-
The headquarters of Aladdin Company is pre-fab homes --
I want to build a house for their family out of town.
With the development of the automotive industry and the improvement of the assembly line production method, manufacturers realize that the conveyor belt can also produce families efficiently.
Kit-did not send the entire construction team to build the house at the real estate site
The house can be manufactured in one place and then shipped to each location at a lower cost.
About 1920 or so, you can buy a kit
A house of about $2,500.
Your kit will come with very detailed instructions, about 30,000 pieces-
The Ikea table looks like a walk, right?
Low price also do Kit-
Families are a popular choice for wealthy homeowners who want to build holiday homes.
However, after the stock market crash, people could hardly afford to buy their own house, not to mention the holiday home.
Sales of houses declined.
After World War II, prefabricated houses were once again popular for veterans who had no money.
No matter where the job is, many people will drag their home from town to town.
Soon, these mobile houses settled down in the trailer park we knew and with lowincome housing. Pre-
The Fab family no longer represents wealth.
Today, however, everything is changing. Pre-
Fab homes have come a long way and many now embrace their cutting
Their sustainability and low cost.
Read on and learn more about pre-fab homes.
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