a look inside prefab homes that are green — and gorgeous

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Do you think \"prefabrication home\" means Square and unattractive? Think again.
Koones, author\'s agency-
Pioneer voice of factorybuilt homes —
Back in a new book that offers reasons for energy-efficient buildings, which is easy to see in people\'s eyes: \"very great little houses \",(
Taunton Press, $32)
32 houses designed and built by architects and designers who understand sustainability-and style.
Consisting of 350-ranging familiesto 2,000-square-
The book is in the right size and offers a thoughtful choice for building an ideal home.
That means, says Koones, \"building better, not bigger.
\"Advertising this book provides detailed resources for everything from architects to steel prefabricated panels and floor plans, as well as an uninitiated glossary such as\" stack-
Effect cooling \"(
A way to use solar energy to reduce temperature spikes)
And \"rockwool insulation \"(a type of eco-
Friendly insulation).
We recently stayed at Koones ather in Connecticut.
Here, sheshares her thoughts on the positive interests of small
Size of prefabricated buildings: what is driving these homeowners to scale down?
I think they all want a more comfortable and smaller environment.
Many of them are cyclists or skiers who want to be able to go out and do so.
They don\'t want to work every weekend or take care of the house.
Instead of tying all their money to the house, they want to live and travel.
Why is advertising small?
Living in a smaller house is a better option for everyone.
I can tell from my personal experience.
You know where your kids are and you know what they\'re doing.
I met a lot of people who decided to live in a smaller house because they felt they had no connection with the kids.
These houses are small, but not small.
People are interested in small houses, but with a more stable and secure base you will have a better life. The 352-square-
There is a special screw base for Florida\'s foot capeta de Invierno [
Screw the pier into the soil to support the House]
So it won\'t be blown away even with a hurricane.
1/7 the main cabin has a living and dining space and a kitchen.
(Trent Bell )
2/7 Sean and Michael McConkey built the container house by the Lakeyear period.
During that time, the couple lived in a leisure car.
Kevin Walsh Photography
3/7 in wildfire, 720-square-
The FT. Lakeside container cabin features a completely non-combustible exterior.
Kevin Walsh Photography
The 4/7 small houses on the Go Logic ferry are divided into three small separate cabins connected by walkways.
Courtesy of go logic)
5/7 cummerrick of Carrie said 1,600 square meters were added
Connect house by Connect home is located in many places adjacent to her own as her mother\'s home.
\"Sonoma\'s house shows that people can grow old and stay young,\" Sheri Koones said . \".
(Joe Fletcher)
6/7 352 square-
Foot Casita de Invierno in Florida has a spiral dock base system that holds the House anchored even during a hurricane.
(Jeremy Scott)
Beautiful little house 7/7 ,(
Taunton Press, $32)
The highlight s32 prefabricated house designed by Sheri Koones is attractive, energy-efficient and well built.
Bata Photography)
How did you choose the house you included in the book? I am very picky.
Houses must be attractive in order to be inspiring, they must be energy efficient and must be built well.
Sonoma\'s house was built for the owner\'s mother.
In terms of aging, how important is general design?
Advertising as an AmericanS.
As the population ages, universal design is becoming more and more important, with designers and engineers developing new products that meet the requirements every year.
Evolved from this concept to many common design features that are now common in the home, such as handrails in the shower and ample task lighting.
There are several such features in the House of Whidbey Island, including the threshold --
Free shower and access, wide door, drawer dishwasher (
People who are damaged can easily access)
And the handle on the Cabinet (
Available for people with limited dexterity)
Not the knob.
In addition, the outer door has a lever handle for easy access.
What happens in life.
The young man fell in the shower.
Universal design is safer for everyone.
What do you want people to take from the book?
A lot of people still think that the prefabrication is square, unattractive, and is a double-width trailer.
I would like to show that prefabricated houses are built faster and save money and materials.
Professionals can build them quickly in a protected environment and without damage.
I hope that people will consider the advantages of smaller houses and be inspired to build comfortable, healthy, small and comfortable, attractive houses and not waste their money on energy. lisa. boone@latimes.
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